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A Data-Driven OrganizationPerformance OptimizationBecoming Digitally Savvy

Learn the tips, tricks and tools that you need to build a data-driven organisation. With the right data, we encourage discovery. And with discovery, we aim to improve, monitor and control.

Change the Way You Run Your Business, Forever.

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Because We Start With Education, You Can Discover How To Start Your Digital Journey Here Today.

Company's ultimate desire is to increase sales and reduce costs. While this is given, many are struggling to optimize their business without hurting their sales. With higher speed internet and lower cost of technology, now many can benefit from this era of digital transformation. However, the first step to all of that is EDUCATION.

  • Data Tools Training

    Data is powerful. However, without tools to manage your data, it has no value. Starting with MS Excel as the basic foundation, we help build muscles required for data mining and analytics.

  • Data Mining Training

    When aim to we combine training from multiple disiplines – incl Finance, Human Behaviour, Marketing etc – in order to extract insights from structured and unstruacture data.

  • Build Your Own Academy

    Learning should be constant. More importantly, it should be part of your internal digital process to automate learning, SOP and work instructions. Build your own private academy today now.

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Change the Way You Grow Your Business, Forever.

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Who Are We

We're Geeks Who're Passionate About Data

SmartB means Smart Businesses - which is a solution provider that focuses on digitization and digital transformation of businesses.

And SmartB Academy is our learning and development arm which helps organisations grow through education.

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Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Learn At Your Own Pace, Space & Time

Learning should be flexible and focused. Hence, you should do it at your own pace. When the right environment existing, learning is optimized.

And that's what SmartB Academy is about.